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Submitted by rajeev jha on
The Regional Approach for the development especially for the purpose of eradication of poverty in Souh Asia is really a wonderful idea to work on. I feel apart from energy, telecom and transport, regional cooperation in the Agriculture and its related work will be one of the potntial area where lot of achievment can be made. Most of the South Asian countries are primariliy dominated by agro services but the cooperation in this sector is highly negligible. Through regional cooperation , not only south Asian countries will be able to harness the food security problem which may be becoming very- very important due to prospective climate change scenario. This will also give South Asian countries a collective bargaining power like Cairns countires or South East Asian countries in agricultue related WTO negotiations. Strenthening of insitutional linkage among South Ssian countris would be an ideal begining. Can we rememeber that in entire South Asia doesn't have a single world class unversity on agriculture or its related services. In India we have at least quite a number of IITs and IIMs known at world over by thier sheer quality. But not in a agriculture. Although, we are still a largely agriculture economoy so the South Asia.