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Submitted by Prajwol on
Thanks for a very insightful article Dr. Cardoso. I loved the comparison with the Oscar Wilde play :) It's frustrating to see, not only India, but other governments too, in South Asia, live inside a bubble. As soon as someone get's to the government, there is a definite disconnect with the ground reality and hence the bubble effect. The low expectation of people from their government does not help either. My philosophy of a government is similar to that of contractor that we hire to fix our roof, if we don't like their service, just fire them and hire a new one. But in reality the process is never this efficient. After all politics is all about perceptions :( I see the potential of India overtaking China in couple of decades, primarily based on the diversity of the population, and the diversity in their manufacturing/production of goods and services. You have raised a very interesting point about capitalism Vs “authoritarian planned capitalism”. I sense similar comparison being raised in United States too, as people are getting frustrated with the sluggish and partisan Congress to get anything significant done. BUT, it takes only couple of crooks at the top in an authoritarian planned capitalism to screw the country, while it takes lot more in a functioning democracy :)