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Submitted by SAT GOEL on
I generally agree with the views of the author. However, two things need to be attended to in India. There should increased spending on education and health and improved delivery in these two sectors. Another is the issue of corruption in the public sector. It is generally believed that a lot of spending by the government goes in the pockets of powerful people and to the targetted people. Corruption is a very big factor in the development process in India. It is mentioned that that US$ 1.4 trillion is stashed abroad by the powerful people. Should this not be brought back home and used for the nation building? I think it is time that there is some control on increasing population in India. But this subject is not even discussed on religious grounds and vote bank politics. India has potential to be ahead of China but our leaders are only interested in remaining in power than doing any thing for the future of the country. The day it changes, India will go several miles ahead. India, being a democracy, has many advantages but its leaders will have to develop a national view instead of thinking how to grab power.