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Submitted by Rakesh C on
Interesting article. Here's a few thoughts: 1. Demographic dividend - While it's true that India has an advantage here, it will depend on the convergence of the education system and the employment opportunities in the public and private sector. As you rightly mentioned, the workforce must be equipped and prepared to meet the requirements of a growing economy. 2. Disparities within the country - A comparison with China can easily dilute the disparity between various states in India. While it's important to look at the progress made by the neighbouring country, efforts should be made to remove disparities within the country. 3. In response to your question: When do you think India will replace China as the most dynamic economy on the globe? It is important for us to learn lessons from the success stories of other countries. But, I don't think we should worry too much about replacing China. I think it's better to focus on setting benchmarks for ourselves based on where we are today and where WE want to be over the next decade than worry about replacing China as the most dynamic economy. Competition, as a result of comparison, does not attract success. But, again that's just my opinion.