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Submitted by Arvind Mathur on
I share Eliana's optimism about India.Living in the dynamic suburb of Gurgaon, it is clear that India is developing with incredible momentum. There is an air of apparent permanent optimism prevalent in the country.Private companies should be encouraged to list on the stock exchanges which will bring more transparency.NGOs and independent anti-corruption watchdogs should be financed and supported to act as a check on government and private sector actions and inactions.The press is open and courageous and is playing a very positive role in highlighting problems and solutions in all spheres of life. Corruption will become less of a constraint and definitely decline in India as these steps take hold .The Manmohan Singh government should dramatically liberalize domestic pensions so that domestic currency funds can finance much needed infrastructure and over-reliance on overseas capital can be curtailed.Standards of safety of infrastructure should be raised substantially and its quality independently monitored.India should be prepared to pay more for its infrastructure if it means one less citizen dies on our roads every day.If an Indian has travelled and worked in China, she will realize how much is common between Indian and Chinese cultures and the two peoples and any competition must be regarded as friendly and healthy for both nations and the world.