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Submitted by Kennedy Samuel on
Agree with Eliana Cardoso per her recommendation to making available the right education to children & generate a skilled work-force with the ability to command a respectable salary, on Indian soil. Having said this, India would need to forsee & invest in creating the infrastructure to accommodate the 'educated' & skilled workforce. For instance, 2-3 decades post India's independence, large number of IIT graduates could not be accommodated (salary & opportunity) within the Indian public or private sector. Coming back to the education part, I strongly, believe in education being affordable & education being work / profession oriented. India made the best of it's first chance, when the world, recognized India as a land of Milk & Honey. India had the best of professionals & experts processing the best of fabrics, silk, agricultural & dairy products, advanced food preparation & preservation related, the best education system (universities where world scholars visited) & amazing techniques & skills to measure distances within the Universe among other. Yes, it was only few betrayers, who let India fall, then & even now.