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Joe, it was great to read your post and the comments by other readers. The rising entrepreneurial spirit is definitely a positive sign for the country. I came back to Nepal after a six year stay in the U.S. The reason for my return was the stream of positive news coming out of the country amid all the negativity. In August 2011, I set up Biruwa Ventures, a business incubator of sorts to help aspiring entrepreneurs start their ventures. We have set a shared office space from where entrepreneurs can quickly launch their businesses at a very minimal cost. We have also provided business services like legal and marketing support to start-up ventures along with mentoring through a partnership with Entrepreneurs for Nepal. In the past six months, we have worked with several entrepreneurs and have started seeing some results. In the coming months, we hope to increase our support for entrepreneurs and keep on spreading this positive message. Vidhan Rana Founding Partner Biruwa Ventures, Pvt. Ltd.