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Submitted by Joe Qian on
Thanks so much for your encouragement and insightful comments and context on Nepal! I think Nepal has a great opportunity to remake and rejuvenate itself since the establishment of the new Democratic Republic. I also think they can benefit from the growth of both India and China and use resources and expertise from both neighbors in creating this new framework as well as constructing universities, roads, bridges, and courts, as you said. As for governance, differences should be set aside between different parties, that remains to be seen with the goal being a government that's effective and clean. Different factions will have to learn to unite and work together to achieve this common aspiration. The less obstacles (strikes, powercuts, corruption, rent seeking) for entrepreneurs like Sushant and everyone else, the more prosperous the country will be. I believe there's a lot of energy waiting to be unleashed, Nepalese overseas are very successful, what's holding them back at home? That being said, Kathmandu was fascinating and Nepal was absolutely gorgeous with awe inspiring geography and architecture. The Nepalese have a lot of to be proud of.