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Submitted by Prajwol on
Amidst all the negative news coverage’s and disappointing events, I am so glad to read this optimistic take on Nepal. Thanks again. Though Nepal is very proud that it was never historically ruled by any foreign "superpowers"; but unfortunately during those periods Nepal never made any meaningful progress either, thanks largely to the autocratic "Rana Regime" followed by the inept "Panchayat System". When the British left India, they had already built universities, roads, bridges, courts, and other constitutional structures. When "Rana Regime" and "Panchayat" system were toppled, Nepal was left with debt; while the previous rulers and their families’ amassed big wealth, general public were living the lives of 19th centaury. There were absolutely no democratic infrastructures or democratic culture in existence. That very lack of democratic infrastructures and culture are niggling people like Sushant Shrestha. If he slightly succeeds, there will be lot of people around to pull his legs, a big crowd will line up for forceful “political” donations. He won’t feel the protection of law unless he can bribe the "law and order" to keep him and his business safe. Don't get me wrong, I did not (and will never) wish that Nepal too was ruled by British. My point was, for people like Sushant to succeed even further, there has to be democratic structures in place, like a very powerful and efficient High Court. Right now, Sushant leaves his home every morning for work, but by midday he might have to return back because some agitators are revolting on some petty issues. And if the agitators vandalize his business, there is no way he get's compensated for that. But, I whole heartedly support and wish good luck to the entrepreneurs like Sushant. It will require lot more people like him to unlock the current income scheme of Nepal: the foreign aid and remittance. BTW, I'm so jealous you were there in Kathmandu. It's been over two years that I was there. I wish I had your job, LOL :)