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Hi Joe, I want to add one comment thanking you for your reporting. Entrepreneurship should indeed be supported. They represent a very dynamic segment of the population and the economic base (de Mel and McKenzie recently estimated very high returns to capital for micro entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka!). I wonder why so many of these microentrepreneurs, however, do not grow their business. All developing countries have so many self-employed individuals, mostly on a very small scale, but rarely (compared to the sheer number of entrepreneurs) do they develop innovative ideas on a large scale. Issues of credit availability come to mind with the existence and usefulness of microfinance. But more must be at play (and microfinance is not a panacea -- see recent papers by Financial Access Researcher Dean Karlan and Jonathan Zinman, and JPAL researchers Banerjee and Duflo). I hope you're there to work on helping these microentrepreneurs!