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Dear all, Thanks for great discussion going on entrepreneurship .. ofcourse visit to Kathmandu and looking at Kathmandu based entrepreneur may have provided some insights ... Kathmandu is becoming one of the most costlier places along with high level of entrepreneurship ( mostly on tourist based, land/real estate, and import based trade). Entrepreneurship is a way of development in this era ..not only for Nepal but for all .. the main point to be discussed is to find competitive advantage of Nepal in sector of Enterprise. At present 80% of FNCCI (Federation of Nepalese Chamber and Commerce) deals with 10% of GDP of country. Thus huge amount in GDP is contributed by Small and micro entrepreneurs and farmers (so is the case with other country) I hope what u have found in Kathmandu (meeting an entrepreneur) ..that u will find in Delhi, dhaka or any other places. World Bank programs in Nepal along with Private sector development program of other are focusing on micro and small enterprises at rural areas . It simply is not working ..may be planning as u said is made by looking at Kathmandu or thinking Nepal as same as other places in the world. Lots of Dollars and Nepali Rupees is spent on that and everyone knows Nepal economy is stable thanks to REMITTANCE. and this is done without any DIRECT support. So thanks for bringing this issue in debate, but i strongly believe entrepreneurship in Nepal has to be looked upon differently. ( Import business is most profitable here so everybody talks value addition and nobody supports) . We Need Alternative mechanism including: Fair trade market, Eco tourism, Religious tourism , High level value addition of Medicinal and aromatic plants ... and so on .. Also, not getting more Private Sector who are ready to work with Community Based Entrepreneurs in Nepal, So need of Nepal is 1001 (will be enough) entrepreneurs who can cater to global and national market along with Social business partnership with community ( raw materials and semi value addition). Catch us at Enterprise associates of Nepal is facebook for discussion on enterprise development in Nepal . for more discussion. Suhrid