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Submitted by Joe Qian on
Thank you so much for your comment and I apologize in the delay of my response. I agree that costs of doing business in Kathmandu may be higher than other places. The mountainous topography and geography are definitely impediments that will hopefully be overcome by investing in more infrastructure and fostering an innovative environment and overcoming the "rent-seeking" mentality and some have. Remittances do play a incredibly important role in Nepal's economy and it seems like this will continue, although not ideal, this is an equalizer for balance of payments. I also concur with you that imports are a dead end especially as neighboring China has almost unlimited capacity to flood Nepal's market. My perspective is that Nepal is very special and should definitely focus on it's unique identity and create high value alternative products as you suggested. I brought back all the natural soaps and papers I could get my hands on and I think there would be a a certain target group that would be very interested as well. I will be following the group on Facebook and hope to keep in touch. Best, Joe