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Submitted by Ram Bansal on
What is generally understood about Gita is due to misinterpretations. Gita is written in Vedic Sanskrit while all its translations have been done based on modern Sanskrit. No body, including that idiot Krishna, did, can do, will ever do without expectations of results. If your interpretation of Gita is correct, then Arjun was surely misguided by Krishna to get everybody killed except himself, as he refused to take to arms by himself as a cunning strategy. It is not only the actions and results which are important considerations, but the most important factor, in case of World Bank aids, how the recipient is performing in general and does he/she is qualified to receive the aid. You can't put your meals in a dirty plate and then eat it. Before putting the meals, you must check cleanliness of the plate. Actions and results are later considerations. Actions are beyond your control, and the apparent results may be misleading. So, only consideration remains qualifications of the recipient. I have been pleading with your IEG and others in the World Bank to send a team of observers to my village and have a first person idea of condition of people wrt. education, health, justice, and most importantly the processes of elections and electioneering.