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Submitted by Habibullah Wajdi on
Dear Nancy, First of all I thank you for your honest and sincere understanding of Afghanistan, as well as for your honest judgments that have always portrayed real picture and sense of Afghanistan and Afghans. Afghans will not endorse any changes until they don't understand them. When they understand them they will own them and internalize them. This is the process of sustainment and ownership which as you point out have been lost in the weak coordination and cooperation of involved stakeholders. I hope the future development efforts will be strategically aligned with the demands and aspirations of ordinary Afghans who are the majority and the real agents of change. It requires, as you mention, " participatory activities". For lasting change, ordinary afghans have to be in the driving seat of change, and their voices heard in all development policies, programs, and projects. Sincerely, Habibullah Wajdi