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Submitted by Marjorie on
Isabel, first of all, I am glad to hear your family is fine and that you have been able to contact them. My mom and brothers are here, thank GOD, but the rest is still there. We have accounted for everyone except one aunt, it is just a matter of time before we are able to get through the telephone lines. I have always been proud of being Chilean, our country has gone through so many disasters, some caused by mother nature and others by mankind, but we have always pulled through. Also, we have such a big giant heart that when others have needed us, we have been there. All I ask is that all who are willing, pray for those in our country who are still trying to find their children, mothers, husbands, sisters and brothers, and that those who have already lost loved ones, get the consolation and acceptance they need to understand what happened and be able to move on. I AM A PROUD CHILEAN, TODAY MORE THAN EVER.