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Submitted by Ram Bansal on
Work and administrative culture in India is so much corrupt that even good schemes are misused for showing mercy to the poor. In my village, the persons engaged to work under NEGS worl hardly for two hours and get the attendance for the whole day. the village chief uses this scheme to get popular and in the process, cultivates a mentality of beggars in the working people who keep on seeking mercies for survival. Secondly, the funds are not effectively utilized. In my village, a rectangular pit was dug last year under this scheme in the name of a pond near a large village pond. The place chosen was so far used to bury dead bodies of children, so now there is no place left for burying children's dead bodies. The new pit has never seen a drop of water in it and work force is shown to work on the pit's repairs again and again. A remote view of the scheme, like that of Maitreyi, are no real representations of things. I have been insisting on IEG of World Bank to send a team to my village and see the reality of things and misuse of funds in public works.