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With climate chnage impacts appearing almost everywhere adaptation to a chnaging climate is an absolute necessity. The challenge for developing nations, and in particular resource poor communities where livelihoods are closely aligned with farming, is that adaptation to climate change must go hand-in-hand with incresing agricultural productivity. Women play an important role in household resource allocation decisions both on a day-to-day basis as well as influenceing when and where kids go to school;what they do after school; what is grown in the homegarden to deciding on investments and family partnerships such as marraige. While these activities are hardly separable from normal business planning from a theoretical perspective, taken together they can influence resilience to fluctuations, thus offering a firm basis for adaptation. Working with women leaders in rural areas and identifying what contributes to social resilience and what inhibits taking action to improving resilienece would be an important starting point for planning adaptation at a community level. Although mitigation is an important aspect of a global response to climate change, at an operational level, such as a familiy or a rurla community, it is all about adapting to climte relates stress factors, using technology and markets to facilitate efficient resource use and adjusting to climate related policies to take advantage of opportunities. I would like to hear comments and suggestions to commence a project of this nature to improve the resilienece of rural communities in the dry zone of Sri Lanka. I am happy to contribute my expertice ( and help develop partnerships.