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Submitted by CharithaR on
I think you're spot on with several points. One is that if South Asia tries to be an industrial tiger, it is competing with the existing tigers who have been at it for much longer and are further along. Another is that we have the opportunity in most of the South Asian countries to leapfrog by plugging in to the Knowledge Economy. India has done a great job in the first round but we should be aiming for more than outsourcing and body-shopping. Finally, as a Sri Lankan who loves the rural countryside and wants to preserve the way of life and the environment it interacts with, I don't *want* to turn all the paddy fields and rainforests into industrial parks. How to improve peoples' lives while preserving all that is the trick, of course. One potential issue that another comment pointed out is that tourism, often seen as a great way to leverage natural bounty, has to be regulated - from inside or from above - to preserve the industry itself as much as the natural resources that need to be protected for their own value.