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Submitted by Raj Jani on
Want to tell you a bit more of JIYO, as I was instrumental in co-creating the brand, which is the brainchild of the doyen of living heritage in India-Mr. Rajiv Sethi. JIYO itself is an incredible concept as it speaks of the lively, brash and brand-new statement of the Indian sensibility, which is deep rooted in its rich legacy and colorful traditions. Age-old traditions depicted in crafts like Madhubani paintings, were catapulted into modern-day wall papers under a design-inspiration provided by the urbane product designers; and thus the transformed product became the basis for floating 'JIYO enterprise' in which Madhubani artists were at the forefront for reaping the fruits of commerce by staking their claim as primary shareholders. This new-age social enterprise has all the innovative elements for harvesting gains that can accrue by smartly addressing a niche-product-niche-market segment. Increasingly grassroot ventures like JIYO announce the arrival of a new design enterprise whose competitive edge comes from intertwining heritage and medernity in a creative manner to succeed in an otherwise overcrowded marketplace.