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Submitted by arundhati on
Indeed this is commendable work though one always knew the sheer potential of the incredibly exciting work of our artists and craftsmen and hoped that on day the work will get more attention. Some questions though remain: 1. How is the money being spent? 2. Who are the artists who are getting represented? how were they chosen among the millions? Is the process fair and non nepotic? 3. How are the art forms being chosen from among the thousands of art forms that are present in the country? 4. what kind of trining is being given to the artists? 5. how are they being enabled to run this enterprise? 6. who is looking after this enterprise now? 7. there is a danger of this unravelling unless there is a sustainability plan. what is that plan? I have searched the net a lot, but have not found any information on the might be a good idea to share the information.