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Submitted by Marjolaine on
Hopefully latinamerican expertise can help Asia and asians. The new democracies are not transparent neither are the old ones...I worked over ten years in Latin-America, have my heart and roots there am now asian based and I am appaled at the rethorics and uselessness and unneccesary complications of hierarchical societies, not to speak of the arrogance of dominating castes...all of this at the cost of the future and wellbeing of women and children. Wishing your work at the WOrld Bank Asia the best of luck this is a very hard area to make goals real. In Nepal we have virtually no electricity and we move towards the 4th or 5th generation not going to school during to eternal bandhas, so called closure strikes... Resulting in the rise of crime and more insufficiency. The World Bank holds a tremendous resonsability poverty being such that economic relief may be able to prevent more unneccesary suffering. We need to focus on so many areas simultaneously I wish the world would tak at heart nepalese future. A beautiful country is completely exiled due to market interests of China and India conflicting and already remediating apparently. Wishing best of luck and may more beautiful people help Nepal. THank you Isabel GUerrero!