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Submitted by Jayathilaka on
I know this is an old blog post, bt i would like to say something on the topic. I know after the end of the war, mainly politicians of the gov is talking about how they are going to develop SL's economy looking at Singapore as an inspiration and even following the so called "singapore model" as a strategy. First of all lets see whether that sort of a step is fruitful. I would say the similarities between those countries are very very few, like both had been under british colonialism, being situated close to important sea routes. Though both are small islands, SG is very small compared to SL geographically and it has ony a population of 4.4 million while SL has more than 20 million population. The situation in SL is much more complex than in SG. Out of the 20 million population a considerable amount of them come from villages. From earlier times ppl in SL has been an agricultural race. That is something we can develop to great heights. If u take any developed country except SG all other countries even including India have a much more developed agricultural sector. SG is a new country, just like Australia and Hongkong are. No body claims a historical relationship with SG as a homeland. SG is not a cultural homeland of any of the ethnicities that live here, bt SL is. We have more than 2500 years of history. Such a country cannot be treated the same way as a new country. Sri Lanka going for a singapore model is a stupid idea. As you had previously pointed out every country is unique bt in this case SL is way different than SG. SG does not have to take care of the cultural and historical background that SL is having. Remember that. The other thing is do u really want SL to be a SG? i dont. i want SL to be more than SG. Because SL has every thing to do that. SG had only strategic location and human resources that they developed through good education. We in SL have the former one (and developing a highly skilled HR is not difficult at all if we provide opportunity for the public ), more land for agriculture development and industrial growth, resources like minerals, beautiful locations to make SL a better tourist destination. We just have to have a good managemant. We should develop our manufacturing side as well. What gov should do is trying to attract multinational companies to have manufacturing facilities in SL. Have competent pple in top management positions in gov corporations or privatise them. If SL needs any inspiration from any other country look towards india. It is a better example than SG. And the first thing to do is having political stability in the country. Settle the ethnic conflict in the country, go for power devolution. Finally if u didnt notice Sl has been trying to practice SG model in the past and it went wrong, because it doesnt suit us.