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Submitted by Dulanii Liyanahetti on
Thank you Chathurika for posting this interesting piece of writing. Actually I was once doing a mini case study on Singapore in order to see as to how Singapore became one of the most successful knowledge driven economies. I found out that one reason behind their rapid growth was the investments on research and development. Innovations and putting those into practice is a major initiative undertaken not only in Singapore but also Taiwan, Malaysia, Japan etc... Human capital development also acquires a pivotal role backed by the Government's clear vision and policy measurements which doesn't change due to change of power. The problem we see in Sri Lanka is that macro level policies affecting education, health and economic development tend to fluctuate at the event of a change of power or Government. In countries like India whoever comes into power abide by these national policies as it affects the whole nation. So we need to adopt consistent national policies and not be driven by political motives. It's not that Sri Lanka cannot change but the correct initiatives and commitment is lacking. Actions are limited to words and policy documents/commission reports and marching ahead with the head held up is vital.