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Submitted by Eng Tissa De Silva on
Its unfortunate most economist think that sri lanka should follow or be inspired by Singapore. Singapore is a city state. Sri Lanka is a village nation with the power been in the hands of our village men and women. This has been our strength for 2000 or more years. We cannot go blindly in the road of economic development, and thus shifting our population to the slums of cities. The vision under Mahinda chintane accepted by the majority is to develop our villages and hence draw back the people from the cities. What is more essential is a Social index of happiness and not a slave index as the GDP. Where the rich are getting richer at the expense of the poor who has to depend on the trickling effects of the market economy. Singapore imports most of its food and even water. May be they now have a desalination plant at tremendous cost to the people as well as the environment. I am sure Chatrunika and many others who are inspired by Singapore will not want to live and work in Singapore. It is better to be self sufficient in our food and use our environment and water resources with care so that future generations will also be able to use these basic facilities. Note: When we build the Port and infrastructure in the ancient Port city of Hambantota, Sri Lanka will become more prosperous.