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Building upon the good work on education and research networks and the very valuable knowledge and experience of GDLN, I suggest: 1. South Asian regional cooperation networks are a powerful means to build the capacity of the region and to harness its collective strengths and overcome the limitations of individual nations and institutions. People to people cooperation is central to SAARC's mission. 2. SAARC University now being built in Delhi should be encouraged to play a leadership role and use RENs to connect its campuses in other SAARC countries as well as a develop a program of teaching and learning about online pedagogy and education material development. 3. Given the geopolitical reality of SAR, regional cooperation in specific areas will lead to closer cooperation at national level. Areas where there is little or no political disagreement should be taken up and RENs should be harnessed to connect individuals and institutions across the eight countries from Afghanistan to Sri Lanka creating a network for regional cooperation. For example, climate change and not disaster management; non-communicable diseases; areas of science and technology like nanotechnology and information and communication technology; and creation of South Asian regional domain to promote to emphasize the what is common between the peoples of South Asia over what divides them. 4. Open education resources (OER) have an important role in development of education in the region. Shortage of adequately trained teachers and freely available educational content that can be adopted, adapted and augmented for school education is a crying need. In this regard the "Seamless Education" Lucknow-CSULB Partnership is a good example. See 5. Last, but not the least, GDLN experience is valuable and why not a South Asian Development Learning Network? World Bank needs to consider investment from regional cooperation funds, and trust funds, to establish the regional GDLN building upon the capabilities already created in the region, like the Sri Lankan Development Learning Center.