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Submitted by NeyKou on
A classic case of sleeping at the switch by our theoretical economists, policy makers and the bureaucrats make it sound like India is a big player in making emerging markets shake up the world destiny. What is sad is that their myopia is of nth degree to model every policy move away from the centered India which is an average rural/urban and urbo-rural being who have been nibbled to the bare bone while we have accepted rolling over of gas guzzlers, e-waste from MNCs with total sell out to our roads, environment and a common man's existence. India's farms are bleeding while water sheds only tears through the hard labor and absence of it in irrigation channels, household vessels, and sucked up ground water. Our common man and even the affluent are subjected to indignation in the face of absent public relieving facilities, sanitation to keep infectious and communicable diseases at record numbers, our infrastructure cries out to keep any unaccompanied child safe (for they cannot guarantee safety!) and average citizen faces a death sentence just crossing a road. These are some of the very basics where we have failed and are failing our citizens regardless of our imaginary inflated GDP projections. Is it not surprising that an economist for a PM, the countrymen at a loss to understand who better to pick for governing? The question is not the the person but the policies of modern India that has ignored unemployment, job training, skill development without curbing the roadside inflationary cost of educational hubs. I feel average Indian today is worst-off than in 1980 when you assess the cost of housing, food, transportation, healthcare, and education. World projects come and make a show while making few rich at the switch rest of it fails with the end of projects. Average Indian is living a projectised life not a life to plan on living better. World bank needs to revise its assessment, measurement and evaluation goals before we declare a success in our efforts to alleviate poverty.