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South Asia’s economic rebound is good news. Its tremendous potential lies in regional cooperation, regional trade and integration. South Asian Development Fund—the new iteration of regional fund now headquartered in Thimpu—needs dynamic leadership to turn it into a catalyst and promoter of innovative approaches to socio-economic development across all sector—public, private and civil society organizations. On the other hand due to geopolitical concerns and internal strife countries in South Asia are huge spenders when it come to defence. Several billions of dolalrs in trade offset from strategic import is available has accumulated in these countries and is growing every month with additional purchases. As an example, Assocham and Ernst & Young study estimates offset accumulation over five years to be $10 billion. There is no bigger security threat than poverty, therefore, the South African statement on defence expenditure and poverty alleviation ( makes eminent sense and the Kuwait National Offset Company ( an implementation model to examine. I am aware that defence is the holy cow squatting in the middle of the road to socio-economic development and no patriotic citizen or World Bank economist will want to mess with it even if it means loss of life or holding up progress. Is it possible to appeal to the exporting countries and nations of South Asia to sit down to negotiate a comprehensive agreement to use billions of dollars from offset trade to fund South Asian Development Fund. The World Bank economist could at least start thinking about this. For this reason some of us have put together a wiki ( and if there is some interest from development economist, we are quite willing to continue our effort to organize and add material.