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The urgency of relief will naturally transfer over to the urgency of recovery from Pakistan's devastating floods. Some may argue that we don't have time for sustainable options for village, infrastructure, and building reconstruction. Do we have time to carefully design sustainable watershed management strategies that aim to avert future disasters, as climate change impacts unfold? The common wisdom is to quickly throw in old solutions, however much they may have contributed to the disaster. However, this unprecedented catastrophe is an opportunity to rebuild homes, infrastructure, villages, towns, and watersheds with sustainable high performance designs that adapt them to the changes the tragic flooding itself demonstrates are coming. At the same time the designs must reflect the wisdom of traditional vernacular architecture and the preferences of residents. World Bank and the other multilateral and bilateral aid agencies should initiate a rapid assessment of sustainable options for reconstruction in Pakistan. Challenge major planning and architecture firms and schools to enter a competition on designs for sustainable reconstruction in Pakistan. Finance demonstration projects that become learning centers demonstrating that sustainable design works. Move beyond engineering and planning solutions from another century. Rebuild Pakistan for the future, not the past. Ernest Lowe