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Submitted by Khalid Ansari on
Thanks Ernest Lowe for your comments on reconstruction of pakistan. There is a need to reconstructing houses with basic amenities and provide community infrastructure and facilities in the villages and effected town,cities in an environmentally, socially and economically sustainable manner The project respond to the identified priority needs of families in the affected regions - Redevelop the village settlements with community facilities and infrastructure. - Reconstruct houses with basic amenities. - Generate economic opportunities and incomes - Impart knowledge and skills regarding safe and sustainable building construction practices. I am an Architect and running my firm in Canada but my sympathies are with Pakistan. I would very welcome to any chalanges for the designing reconstuction of villages keeping in view the local, cultural, and social needs, climatic considerations and safety features. The village layouts incorporate roads, drains, rainwater harvesting systems, landscaping features, etc. Khalid Ansari