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Naomi, I think that this is not really the right question to be focusing on: "And what goads them on in this blind pursuit of the golden deer - which often turns out to be a trap, eventually claiming all their possessions and sometimes even their lives? A lot of questions – the answers of which I feel are more complex, more psychologically rooted, than a mere explanation of the push-pull factors of migration." Rather, I'd focus on how we can close the loop, and inform potential migrants of the actual situations that they face when migrating, contextualized through reliable reputations of everyone along the labor chain, from the recruiter to the final employer. I know it sounds daunting. This is why I've started an entire social enterprise to address it (LaborVoices, Inc.). I'd be happy to chat with you about how we can adapt the LaborVoices model to fit Bangladesh; we're currently piloting and planning for expansion in India. In solidarity, Kohl