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Submitted by Nazia Khan on
Hi Naomi One question comes to my mind – if people are really driven by their wish for a better life, a wish that leads them to take such huge risks of going abroad, then why don’t they just give the same effort and work hard in their own country for a better life? I know of some people who quit their jobs in Dhaka and went back to their village home for Eid this year. They will stay there, take rest for 3-4 months and return back to the city to work when all their savings are gone. This is why these families can never save enough to escape out of their poverty. The very same person is willing to work hard for 50-60 hours a week once he gets a chance to go abroad for employment. Why is this so? Is it the failure of our country to motivate its people or is it our own inertia and we just blame it on our situation? Thanks for raising issues that that gave us "food for thought".