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The occurring of climate change, flood, desertification, drought, rising sea level, etc are all the natural phenomena of response made by Nature to human-beings. What can one Sovereign State do to help the other needy State, this is also one of the most desirous spectrum of appliance where the Government of International level has to place a strong key role in helping the survival of human race. The environmental Refugee is a long lost term referring to the natural disasters refugee, which has no definite meaning of appliance in todays decade, this term has not got chance of development, which is one of the prevailing factors of todays need of survival. What will be the ratio of future environmental migratory refugee, this is still a need, which has to be discovered, as assumptions are made which rank only in estimations. The terminology of Refugee seems easy to know, but when it comes to environmental, it becomes hard to understand because still there is no law explaining what is environmental refugee. what we can assume is only what we can see, eg- Bangladesh, Vietnam, latin american Islands, Indonesia etc. This is still a question how many NGOs, International-Communities, Civil Societies, Governments, etc will come for help, what at present is required is to make a law, or draw some funds from the State or have some regulations measures to get effective during these alarming situations. As these are not a situation just for today, but it is a mandatory requirement for future.