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Submitted by Arvind Gupta on
I think you are too emphatic and black and white, to a point that the analysis is a caricature and not reality. Both countries have a mixed record --- at times failing or succeeding in implementing good policies or bad policies. Till the late 60s China was implementing poor policies well with poor results. Till the early 80s, India was administering poor policies poorly with poor results. China started the reform process twenty years earlier than India. India started later but the coutcomes have been pretty good and continue to improve; making your assertion of poor policy implementation rather dubious. Growth rates would not have increased, Indian product and services markets would not have become competitive, savings and investments in India would not have gone up, infrastructure investments would not have gone up signifcantly, outward orientation would not have increased, income equality would have worsened if the inability to implement policies was as poor as caricatured by you. Perhaps a more nunance understanding and analysis is required.