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The observation set forward by YONGMEI ZHOU is truly correct but one should not forget that India is a country which still lacks in strong regime of government policies, as one already knows that India is among one of the largest Democratic countries, where every individual has right to speak under Part III - Fundamental Rights of Indian Constitution, which leads to numerous activities for the stoppage in most of the applying laws. So far demanding accountability in comparison to China with progressing development, India lacks behind China due to its slow procedure of ratifications, as India goes through several mandatory stages of procedures before ratifying the amendments or the new laws. Whereas, China has an authoritative Government where the Individuals are bound to follow it. In Indian policy the Sovereignty first comes from welfare of its people, to the State, having their representatives to respond for their benefit. So, the procedures for setting up better infrastructure in India, may be coming up in slow phase, as there are still some reviews pending for the delay procedures and the welfare purposes which have to be satisfied by all groups, classes and societies of its people and Government which needs to be identified before proceeding. So we can rightly say, "India has a voice, which is for the benefit of its people and its own countries development". So one can end a note by reminding all, "India is a country, where unity in diversity still prevails".