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Submitted by A Bangladeshi Woman on
While the blog is interesting, and the author has tried to understand the situation, it is obvious that she herself is basing all these 'evidence' based on anecdotes from one workship at one site. That would hardly be called a rigorous or thorough analysis to be able to dispel 'myths'. Being an urban-based, wealthy, professional woman would not necessarily mean that one would know the systematic gendered differences that exist in the rural, hazard-prone, and marginalized areas of Bangladesh. This is so typical of a World bank expert claiming to be 'myth-busting' based on insufficient information or data anlysis or background research. The academic research on gender and climate change has far better analyses, writings, and recommendations that the author should really engage with in more sustained ways. That is where the dialogue and debates are actually doing the 'myth-busing' that can better inform policy-makers, since the academics actually do the fieldwork and obtain the ground truths. One field workshop cannot subsitute long-term research and evidence-finding.