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Submitted by Nachiket Mor on
Dear Dr. Qian, I am glad you enjoyed the SAESM meet at Colombo. IFMR Trust ( has been associated with SAESM as a sponsor for some time now (you may have noticed their logo at their event -- it is also visible on the photograph above) and the one of the prizes awarded to the best student-researchers are internships with IFMR Trust. It has been difficult for independent research institutions in South Asia to attract donor support. US based donors prefer to support institutions in the US and other donors support government owned institutions. SAESM is able to do all this because of the firm determination of its founders, Dr Deb Kusum Das, Department of Economics, Ramjas College, University of Delhi, India is the one that I know about, who work hard each year to find the support that they need. Best regards, Nachiket