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Dear Dr. Englegau, It would be wonderful to read World Bank's South Asia NCD report and I look forward to doing so. Colleagues of mine in have been working on the ground to develop new primary care models for NCDs and from their early design work in Thanjavur find that some components are key to success here: 1. The presence of a good primary care facility at the community level (within a half hour walking distance) with access to good diagnostics and trained medical personnel (a Nurse Practitioner would be ideal here -- MBBS Doctors tend to get bored with the routine very quickly and are not very amenable to following tight protocols). 2. Structured screening of every individual in the community using multiple low-cost and non-invasive methods followed by referral to the nearby primary care facility which follows very carefully specified protocols and uses a high quality Electronic Health Records System to track patient data and progress. 3. Carefully executed evidence based community level protocols relating to NCDs. 4. Strong referral and financial protection measures combined with good financial inclusion provided by local financial institutions. Early evidence from their clinics and health extension workers suggest that the costs of implementing these interventions is very low and even the training challenges are pretty modest once the systems and processes are set up and the relevant information technology infrastructure and protocols are put in place. To learn more about their work please do take a look at: We look forward to receiving comments on our approach. Sincerely, Nachiket Mor