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Submitted by Dilip Bilurkar on
IMPS - has a great potential in reaching the un-banked and underbanked population in India the another tool which may prove to be equally transformative is UID based financial transactions. To ensure faster adaptability of these really fascinating tools, there has to be an all-round product awareness and training efforts and commitment from top managements of all Banks, FIs, MFIs and as also BCs. The employees, of these organizations must be provided awanreness training not only on the usage of these tools but also training them how to train the ultimate beneficiaries/users. These tools and made as simple as possible and efforts are on to make these tools simpler so that it does not affect customer adaption rates. Wish NPCI all the best and we are sure this organization will take all stakeholders into confidence and work shouulder to shoulder to assist the Banks to spread awareness and well usage and influence faster adoption rates. Dilip Bilurkar