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Submitted by M Balakrishnan on
Essentiallty, IMPS has many aspects that would make it successful.. Some of them are: - Interbank and Intra Bank funds transfer instantly - 24*7 - It rides on the existing infrastructure of ATM switching - Very easy for banks to adopt and implement quickly - Completely inter operable service - It does not matter what kind of handsets customers have, what communication service provider they choose, which mobile solution providers the banks choose, what ATM switching solution the respective banks have, what kind of core banking applications banks have - the transactions will flow and and get completed.. I believe this is the beauty of this product/service - This product/Service is co created by the bankers for themselves and their customers and therefore, takes care of many aspects of bankers and cutomer's requirements. - The next generation customers in India - predominantly youth and mobile savvy - will demand this service from banks. - This is a bank lead model of mobile payment and therefore, has trust of people of India. - A micro payment mechanism for small value payments - thus ability to move some of the cash transactions to electronic transactions Needless to say, a lot would also depend on the banks in promoting this product. I guess since a substantial percentage of the mobile subscriber base in India have low end mobile phones, SMS based transfer capability would be key to the success of this program if it has to reach rural hinterlands.