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Submitted by K G Misra on
I visit Mussorie (in hills of India) at least once in year. People of this town used to collect dried branches of trees which are too many, for fuel purposes and for making homes warm in chilly winter. These people plant trees and take a small part of it and maintain good human -nature balance. Government came uninvited and in name of development, started making cooking gas market for town, and placed restrictions on collection of tree parts for fuel. Government in garb of development, made such a publicity that any one collecting dried branches of trees as seen as thieves, and self neglect for what they did for past centuries. Government gleefully controls gas supply, and created norm of corruption for getting gas cylinders, and controls price which is not in hand of these poor people who were cut off from mother nature. People are found in rows for getting gas cylinders and lost their natural independence and free-will. Costs of gas rises and these people without choice are forced to do work for money, and money is thus more important than care for nature and ecosystem. Like Rawan, Indian Government find a way to give them a job of cutting of forest for making income and so called economic development. Forest department now owner of natural resources auctions the trees and businessmen from big cities paid money to get this right. Poor people of this town are offered livelihood by working at saw mills for cutting trees they have worshiped from millions of years. This attitude made the people hostile to nature because they cannot fight with cruel government but express anguish on mother nature. Bamboo is another story of economics taking toll of natural - human relationship. Bamboo is called tree by idiot government of India, forest regulation. Government has a right on bamboo which grows by itself and is used by people making house, fuel and other sustainable ways. May be government wants them to use steel and cement and bricks for housing, and gas for cooking and, they loosing a delicate ballance with nature and fall in mouse trap of Government. Think about it.