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Two minor points: 1. Thimmakka's story has been reported in the Indian press for the last eight years at least. She even has a Wikipedia page devoted to her. According to that page, a US environmental organisation is even named after her. 2. Since Indian naming conventions are different and even differ within India, it is worth noting that "Saalu Marada" is not Thimmakka's given name. The phrase means "of the row of trees" in the local Kannada language and has come to be attached to her name. Her name would be "Thimma"; "akka" means elder sister and is used here to show respect. It also indicates that she is childless: if Thimma had a child, she would have been referred to as "Thimmamma." By the same logic, her husband would be Chikkanna ("anna" meaning elder brother) and not Chikkappa. Indeed Chikkanna is how he is referred in this article: