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Submitted by M. M. on
Last night I was making a list of the good things I'd do if I got selected - you know, one of my ways of blackmailing God! :P But then I really thought over it! Do I necessarily have to win to bring about a positive change in my life and in the life of those who surround me? Seriously? The answer was a big NO. Sometimes it takes a lifetime... and sometimes a mere thought could do wonders! A single thought yesternight literally changed everything for me! And now that I really think of it, I don't think I'd win at all; I feel my form was somewhat incomplete! But you know what, I'm ready not only to face this failure, but to actually learn from it! Good luck to all the applicants! Make us proud; make South Asia proud! And although, I truly appreciate this initiative by World Bank, I hope that someday we compete with the rest of the world in similar competitions and some of us ACTUALLY make it to the winners' list! :) That's my dream!