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I feel there is a lesson for all of us young and old men and women to take from merely understanding , observing and do the efforts through their home land's verious developments. In this situation every body think others are human.They do not think about religion,cast,language,wealth.In our country specialy in North and East more than 90% of the pepople affected the ethnic war.The government can not consider the development each and every places. So these types of youth communities consider the country development through their own home town. Resently I red in a web site, they organazed a "Cooprative Society of Better Living Ltd" under the cooprative act in sri lanka.They start their prograss in southern province.Next year 2012, they start their activities in northen province.I sent a proposal through a member to this cooprative society.They consider the proposal. I attached here with the proposal for your consideration,how to develop the country? Though there is a culture of savings, very few families especially those living in remote rural areas have knowledge of the most advanced processes/techniques to invest resources to make maximum benefits. Some families living in post conflict areas and among cast/ethnically sensitive groups, are hesitant to pool and invest resources. The CSBL will organize special sessions to visualize the advantages of unity and harmony and benefits to be gained by pooling resources and establishing VCAs. 6. Introduction of new products and processes to enhance production and streamlining marketing to increase income: Research carried out indicates that there are a certain number of products that can be manufactured locally by VCAs. Streamlining production processes and adopting advanced techniques will enable higher incomes to be gained. The CSBL will coach and provide insight to members and VCAs on other processes and products and on the manner they can develop marketing channels. 7. Coaching and advocacy for better nutrition and prevention of abuse of intoxicants Surveys carried out among the destitute and low income families, revealed that very few of them prioritize the provision of nutritive food to pregnant mothers and children up to the age of five years. Some breadwinners of this segment of the population have resorted to drugs and alcohol to overcome their struggles, which also results in lack of savings, debt, inadequate healthcare and education, disharmony and conflicts. This has prevented the proper development of children especially their brainpower, resulting in reduced intelligence levels and creativity. These children emerging as youth are unable to take the lead to take care of their families and represent their communities. This has resulted in high dependency rates needing welfare and limited levels of advocacy from low income communities/families, for basic and other required services and rights. The CSBL, will work with state and non-state actors to identify the families that do not prioritize nutrition, organize visualization sessions to demonstrate the advantages of better nutrition and engage them to change their mindsets, to invest in their future. If lack of income is a factor for poor nutrition and is due to breadwinners not being certified, being unemployed-/underemployed or their inability to communicate (fluency in languages and marketability of talents/strengths) they will be coached to develop themselves and establish VCAs for group businesses. 8. Loans to the Ultra Economically Poor (UEP) There are many families that are UEP, who have the tendency of remaining UEP, unless root causes such as intergenerational transmission of poverty, lack of training, marginalization, lack of permanent addresses, non investment of resources due to lack of entrepreneurial ideas and/or trauma, lack of able bodied breadwinners etc. are studied and addressed. The CSBL will work with these groups to change mindsets, overcome the challenges, identify their Talents and Strengths and make them marketable, coach them to select economic activities, establish VCAs and either provide them loans to venture into enterprises or link them to banks. Caretaker families will be identified and linked to training and provided loans to invest and take care of the vulnerable, elderly, and differently abled, from the profits. C S B L Registered address: 54/2 Anura Mawatha off Anderson Road Dehiwala Sri Lanka Tel. : 0728569220 E-mail : Website: Registered number: i uq 37 Date of registration: 5th July, 2011 PARTNERS 1) Vocational and business training centres 2) Municipalities and local authorities 3) Civil society organizations 4) Village committees 5) Non-political & not-ethnically oriented groups 6) Micro-finance institutions and banks 7) Governmental and non-governmental organizations I. BACKGROUND, MISSION and STRATEGY The Cooperative Society for Better Living Ltd. (CSBL), was established to respond to the need to assure that everyone lives meaningfully and joyfully. The CSBL carries out assessments, baseline surveys and ethnographic studies to document the challenges that prevent families living abundantly. The assessments are carried out in communities and families that have difficulties in accessing services from state and non-state agencies, or/and those living in remote rural or disaster affected areas. The CSBL will seek the best options to enable the communities living with challenges to access services and resources. This could be by establishing advocacy channels with state actors to have access to basic services, promote bi/trilingual documents, vocational and entrepreneur training, increase courtesy by officers, protection against marginalization, injustice and resolve any other issues/problems; the CSBL will also work with other service providers and cooperatives in the respective areas to coach community members to strengthen their capacities to develop proposals, access funds and implement programs. For economic projects, the CSBL may partner with banks to have access to loans to be on lent and with aid organizations/donor agencies/the private sector and other organizations to have access to funds to implement projects. II. OBJECTIVE The objective of the CSBL is to enable all members and the communities and families it works with, to thrive by providing guidelines and training to unite, resolve issues and identify and market their skills/products/talents/strengths. III. MEMBERSHIP Membership is open to all Sri Lankans over 18 years of age. The members of the CSBL will have access to its services and resources to enhance the living conditions of their families, and communities. IV. ACTIVITIES OF THE CSBL 1. De-traumatization and counselling Many communities and families affected by disasters and destitution have been traumatized due to poverty, loss of loved ones and personal assets. Children, who have been abused, traumatized and forced to follow career paths alien to their likes, lose hope and take to drugs, alcohol and other intoxicants to overcome their problems. CSBL plans to carry out assessments with the assistance of relevant welfare groups and counsellors to determine the needs and provide psychological support and counselling to help them overcome their situation. 2. Identification of talents and purpose in life This activity consists of carrying out psychometric analysis of the different traits of family and community members to identify their talents/strengths (T/S). Identifying of T/S will also give an insight into their purpose of life. Once identified, the CSBL will coach them on the manner they can live their purpose and the manner their T/S can be marketed to earn sufficient income. Those who have strong organizational and leadership traits, are socially and democratically minded, will be coached to establish local Civil Society Organizations or branches of the CSBL. 3. Advice/coaching to establish goals It has been found that there are many who live aimlessly, or live the lives of others. The CSBL will coach members and the communities where it works to establish goals. Workshops will also be organized to develop strategies and work plans to achieve individual, business and organizational goals. 4. Developing enterprises and businesses The CSBL will work with members and communities to identify and develop profitable enterprises (farm, non-farm, cultivations and businesses). Once feasibility studies have been carried out, and depending on the availability of funds, the CSBL will venture into starting the enterprises. The CSBL will establish a roster of consultants to develop enterprises. Community Managed Production and Service centres may also be established to generate income. The CSBL will work with other organization to promote the development of organic farming and home gardens to enhance nutrition. 5. Provision of guidance and advice to establish Value Chain Associations (VCAs) In order to prevent community conflicts, in areas where there is destitution and suspicion due to atrocities and past hurts, the CSBL will establish VCAs to promote harmony and increase income levels. My proposal attachment: 1. This is a co-operative society that includes all communities and social activists. Its major objective is to support the initiatives of the government to bring about rapid socio-economic development in the war -affected areas after the end of the war. This organization has a vision of integrating all provinces in the country. Our initial efforts will commence in the Northern Province where the impact of the war is much more serious than other areas. It is possible to attract more investment through providing basic facilities ( pure drinking water, quality food, accommodation etc. ) to travellers, tourists, pilgrims and businessmen. Today all people of all ethnic groups are able to travel anywhere in the country without any barriers. 2. The diagram of the Co-operative Society Co-operative Society Head Quarters Provincial Office North East South West District Sub-Office Sub-Office Sub-Office Sub-Office Sub-Office Jaffna Kilinochchi Mullaitivu Vavuniya Mannar Our Objective To increase economic growth through villages by more development in production, employment, marketing, quality education, savings, investment, insurance, medical facilities and social welfare sectors. 3. Our Major Goals 1. Encourage school teaching - learning activities. 2. Conduct yoga classes, meditation, counselling etc., in all the villages to facilitate people to get rid of mental stress. 3. Conduct homes for elders. 4. Establish a state-of –the-art medical laboratory. 5. Establish industrial estate based on self-employment (Eg: readymade garments, producing concrete blocks. 6. Purifying water and find ways and means to get clean drinking water. 7. Convert salty water into pure water. 8. Convert barren land into arable land. 9. Take effort to establish OSUSALA branches in all areas. 10. Increase agricultural production, marketing and also to give incentives. 11. Increase milk production, marketing and also to give incentives. 12. Increase sea food production, marketing and also to give incentives. 13. Establish district-wise fuel stations. 14. Increase palmyrah production, marketing and also to give incentives. 15. Establish district-wise week-end marketing structures to enable the people to market their agricultural, livestock, fishing and other products 16. Make efforts to fix windmills in all villages and use them for irrigation and producing electricity 17. Commence cooperative banks / insurance institutions 18. Establish vegetarian and non-vegetarian restaurants with modern bakeries and manage them separately. 19. Build and manage resting place for travellers. 20. Establish a network of modern laundries. 21. Begin occupations related to construction industry. 22. Establish and manage supermarket system and organize separate shops for grocery, agricultural/sea food/ livestock products. 23. Establish children’s park, libraries with lending facilities ( with reasonable charges) that will benefit children and elderly people. 24. Establish international schools and manage them to cater from Grade one to GCE (AL) classes. These schools should have separate sections for all three languages and should have local and international curriculum. 4. Therefore, the following are the goals identified by our co-operative society: 1. All children should attend schools and pursue their learning. Identify the reasons for non-schooling and remove them. 2.Provide yoga, counselling etc., for the people who are suffering from mental stress so that they will get rid of such stress. 3. Provide self-employment opportunities to families affected by war and lost the head of the family and create enterprises and provide them job opportunities. 4. Establish a marketing organization under the co-operative society to market the end products of the self-employment enterprises. 5. Identify the villages and regions where agricultural activities, livestock and coconut production and fresh water prawn cultivation are very limited and give incentives to enhance their production capacity to their full potential and also find them marketing opportunities. 6. Introduce new agricultural crops; plant useful trees adequately; purify drinking water; introduce solar electricity producing equipments; produce maldive fish; give incentives to produce cadju nuts, orange, guava, pomegranate, rambuttan, mangustan, pineapple, young coconuts, drumstick, avocado etc. 5. Enterprises that should be established – more information 1. Educational bookshop This sales centre should have quality publications published in Tamil, Sinhala and English and also text books for school and university students. This bookshop should be established like the popular bookshops in Colombo such as Sarasavi Bookshop, Godage Bookshop, MD Gunasena Bookshop and Jeya Books Centre. 2. Fuel Filling Station This should be established near Jaffna Fort/ Pannai area as all pilgrims and tourists have to pass that area to go to Naina Tivu and Naga Deepa. Further, it is also useful for the long distance private buses to get fuel. This fuel filling centre can be established separately with permission or with collaboration with IOC. 3. Seafood Processing Factory This factory can be established with other export-oriented organizations or separately. At present maldive fish production is carried out with the guidance of NORAD. This can lead to save foreign exchange by reducing import of maldive fish and also to make more income. 4. Milk Processing Factory Milk production is carried out mostly in Kilinochi, Mullaitivu, Mankulam and island areas.In these areas milk collection centres should be established to process milk. Pure milk should be sold in packets and bottles. Further, milk products such as yoghurt, curd, ghee, cheese etc can also be produced. 5. Establishment of marketing centre for the purchase and sale of agricultural products Agricultural products should be purchased immediately at reasonable prices by the collection centres established in these areas. The products should be cleaned, packed safely and marketed. If there is more production, relevant crops can be dried for sustainable supply for a long time. Mushroom production, beehives/honey production and cadjunuts production should also be encouraged. 6. Development of Palmyra products Quality products should be purchased at reasonable prices and sold; instruction should be made for quality production and priority should be given for quality jaggery, Palmyra sugar etc., 7. A branch of OSUSALA should be established with the support of State Pharmaceuticals Corporation and sell medical products at reasonable prices and also supply needed materials to hospitals. 8. Increase the use of equipments for purification of water and also solar electricity panels; establish service centres for these equipments and also give training for servicing. 9. Take action to convert unused arable land / barren lands into arable lands. 10. Take action to initiate in all villages to use windmills for irrigation and electrification. 11. Take initiative to explore and implement schemes to convert salty water into drinking water. 12. Establish industrial estates based on self- employment. Eg: Encourage quality production of readymade garments, batiks, less-heavy steel furniture, eco-friendly polythene products, sarongs , house-hold things made out of coconut/Palmyra such as broomstick, mats,brushes etc. Establish sarong industry in the Northern province like that of Batticaloa. 13. Establish co-operative banks/ Insurance institutions and provide more interest rates for members. Further, provide employment and training opportunities and also compensations to them. 14. Establish and manage home for elderly people. 15. Conduct in all villages yoga classes, meditation and counselling to help people to get rid of mental stress. 16. Establish and manage a restaurant with a modern bakery. It is important to manage separately vegetarian and non-vegetarian restaurants. Necessary materials for these restaurants can be purchased from the cooperative society sub-agents. 17. Establish rest rooms for travellers in important places. 18. Establish modern laundries for washing clothes. 19. Establish a factory for the production of concrete blocks using machineries for construction industry. 20. Establish a medical centre with all medical facilities for channelling and testing. This can cater for the immediate needs of people and also patients can have more time for further treatment. These initiatives should be undertaken at long time basis. Consequently, the investors will be able to get appropriate profits for their investments and the members will be able to get benefits and concessions. This also will lead each and every village to enjoy educational, economic and social development and uplift themselves to regional and national level standards.