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Having witnessed the violence in 1958, 1971, 1977, 1988 and subsequently, I do not agree that the youth or youth aspirations were wholly the cause of the violence. If you look deep you will find that all this violence, which is actually alien to Sri Lankans, was caused by political machinations and lack of religious leadership and an erosion of values. Yes it is the youth who have suffered. What also needs to be looked at is the spin off for some. The violence, interestingly, has become an excuse for abandoning the country of their birth and looking for greener pastures. The education system is in shambles thanks to political bungling starting perhaps from the Schools take-over which targeted Christian schools and their property.How many politicians use the local education process for their children? We are more interested in playing politics rather than doing what is best for the country. If we are sincere, we must have a consensus among the different political groups that we would mainstream 'equal opprtunity' in every sphere of life in Sri Lanka. Merely giving youth a place, is not the answer as they would be manipulated as is happening in the Universities which are usually closed for one reason or another.