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I loved my country. I had my postgraduate education overseas many decades age and had an opportunity of staying back and was in a sense persuaded by my supervisor but I came and gave what I know to my country although I belong to the minority group. I dream t over the years that country will realise all the mistakes and this country will be a wonderful place. This has not happened. Now the present situation this can be done if the people can take fearless, bold decisions without fearing anyone or putting self interest first. I do not want tpo say anything about the conflicts of the past but we have suffered and let us forget about sufferings we have undergone and with that look forward to bight future. I am very happy about this youth conference. Unlike my early days there are ample openings today where youth can participate in the development. Economic prosperity in one area. I Think the the world Bank has done well in getting this conference and each youth organisation can organise regular conferences and look into the needs of the country and bring out great understandings between different ethinic groups and help each other and make this country a wonderful place. I watch ERV 'Channel News Asia " every morning and note how Singapore and Malaysia grow and want to maintain their place in this world. I think the World Bank and the youth organisations and T stronlgy they change everything in this country. Anonymous