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Nice blog. Good to end on a positive note. Very well said, when you state, "man-made divide". One thing to understand is that Tamil and Muslim or not mutual exclusive categorizations. Neither is actually an ethnic classification. One is a language and the other is a religion. I am quite sure that the Muslims living along-side the date trees are ALL Tamil-speaking. What the Sri Lankans call "Tamils" in terms of ethnicity only refers to the Hindus and Christians among the Tamil-speaking population. Quite strange for a Tamilian coming from Tamil Nadu, India, because there we have Hindus, Christians and Muslims - all of whom we consider "Tamils". Ethnically all three religious groups are considered Dravidian. Linguistically they are all Tamils. The differences are in the religion not in ethnicity. I am not quite sure how the classifications got mixed up. But this has unfortunately added to the divisions in Sri Lanka!