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@ Sohag, I completely understand your concern regarding the future of our country. People are used to always reading and hearing negative news or stories or experiencing such, that they have become 'uncertain' or pessimistic about Bangladesh's future. But, I always like to look at the positive sides to many of our problems, e.g, the huge growing demand for energy is certainly an indicator of economic growth. Other than this, compared to a decade ago, we have growing women labor force participation, higher school enrollment, a boosting private sector, a reduction in poverty by 8.5%, a satisfactory 10 yr average GDP growth of 6.5%, despite natural disasters and other shocks. And yes, we have problems, and we are struggling as a nation. But look how far we have come post 40 yrs of independence. We still have a long way to go, but we are heading toward it and I see the potential of the youth of this country taking it there. Through social media, I am sure you are aware of the many active youth & volunteer organizations, working without any political affiliation, selflessly at the ground level! So yes Sohag, I CERTAINLY see a better tomorrow for myself because I choose to be optimistic and have faith in the people and believe Bangladesh is going to develop, maybe slowly, but eventually.