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Submitted by S. Akhtar Mahmood on
As a fellow Bangladeshi, I share Tashmina's optimism about our country. One important reasons for this is the spread of the entrepreneurial spirit among Bangladeshis, once known as a nation more interested in the comfort of poetry and music than the risks of doing business. This spirit is now evident even among poor women in Bangladeshi villages - a year ago, I had the opportunity to visit a village in northern Bangladesh where a group of rural women have gone into the business of prodcuing and marketing high quality seeds. Buyers are now coming from other dsitricts, some having heard about them through a program in a private TV channel and establishng contact through their mobile phones. This spread of entrepreneurship, facilitated by the leaps in communication, opens up enormous opportunities. But the government needs to act fast and create a congenial environment. And it will do so, if people in society craete a strong voice for entrepreneurship. Perhaps, Tashmina and others in her generation will join in creating that voice! S. Akhtar Mahmood IFC