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Submitted by Ulrich Bartsch on
This blog glosses over the fact that the "right to education" act is a travesty. It narrowly focuses on inputs, which are shown to have no significant relation to outputs ("a quality education for all"). Good schools will close because of this act, private schools (which may or may not be good) will become more expensive and force poor students out, and inspectors will reap new windfalls from discretion over what constitutes an adequate level of amenities stipulated by the act (this is what MD Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala highlighted in her speech in India in May 2011). The act does not in any way take care of the problem of teacher absenteeism, teacher motivation and incentives, or teacher shortages. It reaches for the sky, but is blind on the ground. This blog is a piece of disinformation that could have been launched by the ruling party ahead of upcoming elections.