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Many thanks Keshavi Puswewala for the insighful article. I certainly agree with you. You may assume that your thinking is based on a small sample, but quite frankly you are right. We have high hopes as individuals, but most education systems in Africa do not provide us with the right tools to achieve them. In Uganda, for example, knowledge is given more attention compared to other aspects of education such as skills and values. The education system also tends to portray skills based aspects as secondary and just an option in case one fails to go through the mainstream. The end result has been that Technical and Vocational Education and Training is being pursued by those who could not make it through the mainstream channel and therefore opted for it as the last resort. Schools are failing to allocate sufficient time to core aspects such as analytical and critical thinking, language and others, because that is not what counts in terms of the grades which raise the status of a school in the public domain. We need serious reforms in our education system.